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Life as an MDP

On one particular day when I was working towards a deadline, I ended up doing two things effectively - bunch of simulations on Markov Decision Processes and a debate with my friend ab...

In mind over matter, Jul 31, 2012

Failure and the Future

Failures can be debilitating. You got badly injured while skiing and now you do not want to skii again. Your past venture into a startup was a failure and you are scared of starting a...

In mind over matter, Jul 27, 2012

Dummies Guide to Erasure Coding

If you read this Wikipedia article on erasure coding, you will be more prone to a headache than a person with migraine. Fortunately, there is help. Unfortunately, this article will be...

In tech, Jul 01, 2012

Reinforcement Learning

Even though I have used Markov Decision Processes and I know of the bandit problem framework, suddenly I realized that I could not relate these together with reinforcement learning. T...

In tech, Jun 30, 2012

Save an applet to an image in Java

Have you ever wanted to save a frame from a Java applet to an image file? In this quick piece of code, I will show you how to save an image produced by an applet to a file. Although i...

In tech, Jun 27, 2012

The road to wisdom

Piet Hein, a Danish polymath, who is famous for his short poems (also known as gruks or grooks) puts it tersely:

In mind over matter, Jun 22, 2012