Life outside grad school

They say it doesn't exist :)
But here are some of the things I try to do.


I do a lot of photography and I do mean a lot. Please take a look at my personal website (non-professional) here. I have set up a Facebook photography page, which can be found here, which you should "like" :)

So I post my images on the Facebook page or to my flickr page. Also check out my Smugmug page at Some of the photos of the 2011 EE retreat at Lake Arrowhead are available to view and download here. The header image for 2010 School of Information Theory organized by USC was mine (they didn't know it was mine and it was used under Creative Commons license) ;)



Recently, I have also started to pick up Charcoal sketching after having zero background in doing artwork. I hope to post more images of the artwork soon.




Apping Info

I had made a website to give information on how to apply to US universities. It may be accessed here (I don't edit it anymore).

Stories in Six Words

How much can you say in six words (or less)? Constraints are, sometimes, conducive to creativity. Check the project here: Stories in Six Words The idea was based on Smith Magazine's similar concept, however, they focus on individual life stories. (I don't update this often).